Rooney rues!

Now that one was a shocker! I had decided that celebrity gimmicks wouldn’t suprise me in the least. But my eyes literally popped out when I looked into the Guardian website this morning and found this:

“Friends again

Rooney doubles his money with new Man Utd deal”!

After a week of speculation and drama, at the end of which I had decided that Wayne Rooney would no longer be Sir Alex Ferguson’s golden boy, I was stumped! A mere two days after announcing his dissatisfaction with the club and demanding a release, Rooney dramatically turned tables and settled for, well, a lot of money! If I were to become the best paid player in the history of Manchester United, I’m guessing my ‘disappointment’ would be a thing of the past. And I am not sure I’m particularly pleased that Rooney’s sentiments seem to echo mine!

Although I’m not a great fan of Mancheter United or Wayne Rooney, I do sympathise with the millions of fans of the club and the player. Loyalists must have felt let down by the completely contradictory actions of Rooney in the past week. In a country where football is probably the closest thing to a religion, Rooney’s insensitive dilly-dallying must have created a deep resentment amongst fans.

Rooney will have to do some serious damage control before he has the fans cooing over him again. And it probably doesn’t help that he has been allegedly cheating on his wife!  Philandering with the club and the lady, boy, has he got his work cut out to get out of the mess!



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