Welcome to the ProWAGs

Wayne Rooney’s Jennifer Thompson, David Beckham’s Irma Nici and the X-factor’s Chloe Mafia. Celebrity prostitutes! There was a time when one could not imagine prostitutes becoming celebrities, but that time seems to have come to an end. Now prostitution has become synonymous with celebrity!

Is there still a stigma attached to prostitution? It is becoming increasingly hard to decipher the status of the prostitute. In last weeks DAILY MAIL, there was a write-up about how Jennie Thompson, the £1200-a-night fling of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, was becoming fast friends with ‘other’ WAGs. Maybe its time to change the tag to ProWAG, (Prostitutes, Wifes And Girlfriends)!

What is most disturbing is how these young women have used the media to catapult themselves into super-celeb status. X Factor’s infamous prostitute partcipant, Chloe Victoria aka Chloe Mafia, used the reality show to hike up her rates! After her appearance on the show, her rates on online site, adultworks.com went up to £250 an hour and £1200 per night!

With the increasing amount of media coverage and attention that these people are getting, the moral delicacy of the world’s oldest profession seems to be tearing apart. There is something bordering on the glamorous in the media’s portrayal of these women.

And no longer are these women pawns of a cruel fate, succumbing to the pressures of life and resorting to prostitution. The DAILY MAIL carried an article about how prostitution has become a career choice for women. Irmi Nici, who accused David Beckham of sleeping with her, comes from a respectable upper middle class family.

Is the media resposnsible for this? Have we glamorised a seedy and gruesome life into a glittery dream? Have we become electonic pimps for these high flying prostitutes? Its something to ponder!

Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk



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