La Di Da

On this day 40 years back, a revolutionary author and her book began their journey in influencing thousands of women the world over. Germaine Greer and The Female Eunuch, with their path breaking male bashing came at a time when bra-burning feminists were on a warpath against a male dominated society. For more information, click below:

The Female Eunuch 40 years on

Do I believe in feminism? No. I do believe in equality, but the campaign of feminism has been misread into a phenomenon of women becoming pseudo men. In our effort to prove our abilities to our male counterparts, have we sacrificed our quintessential feminity.

Fluttering eyelashes and subtle sensuality, two powerful tools in a woman’s arsenal are now scoffed at by the fanatical sexless practitioners of feminism. I ask you, what is wrong with using our feminine guiles to trap poor besotted men into helpless submission. After all men did not go around campiagning to be know as the macho, muscled adonis which seems to define male perfection especially among women. Do we scoff at them for going to the gym?

Our feminity and grace are our gifts. No man will ever be able to breast feed. Neither will they ever perfect the art of wearing mascara. They don’t seem to complain. So why is it so very important for us to lug a cartload of machines just to prove that we can do everything men can.

I am not suggesting that we exploit our sex to avoid doing the things that we can. But we should definitely not get carried away with our race to prove ourselves to men. Years after the feminist movement came into force, we are still trying so hard to earn the recognition of the world. Do you really think just because we do all the things that men do, we will be declared the stronger sex?

To all those women reading this,enjoy your feminine side. Never again should we compromise on our superior grace and sensibilities just to prove a point to our male counterparts. Knowing men, they probably don’t even notice it!



5 thoughts on “La Di Da

  1. I think there’s two different kinds of feminism. The one where women seem to be pseudo men, and then there is the feminism of the 21st century. Even though I do not agree with the radical feminists, we shouldnt forget that we own many of our current rights to their fights…

  2. Social changes happen all the time; feminism was a catalyst to changing the status of women. As you put it, women can be a good match for men; at the same time be a graceful woman too! That’s very good! Excellent read!

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