Rediscovering Life

Eureka! Found my childhood again!

Yes… incredibly enough a simple trip into the Harrow Town center turned into my best day in London. Shocking pinks, sunny yellows, and bright purples leaped int0 my senses as I first stepped into the Disney store in St Anns.

Children and their antics are dismissed as juvenile and silly. Best I enjoyed one hour of pure unadulterated silliness, and I can tell you it was way better than the anti depressants in the market!

These days we are so caught up in making a career, reaching unheard of zeniths and generally trying hard to race ahead. What we are forgetting to do is really enjoy the little things in life. That cup of coffee shared with a special someone, that weekend spent with grandparents, that little shopping trip buying Christmas gifts for the ones we really love…all these should not be a task. We should rediscover tthe joy of doing things just for doing them, not because it needs to be done.

Who better to teach us this than the tiny tots, completely self involved, and oblivious to social machinations. Here lies the truth of life. In their gurgling laughter I can find true happiness.

So the next time, you feel low and depressed, walk into a Disney store and pamper yourself silly. Its bound to be cheaper than two hours with the shrink!


3 thoughts on “Rediscovering Life

  1. True, we should look up to the children to know what triggers happiness! Infact, there are a lot of things a child can teach an adult, but adults often dismiss/ignore them as silly or needless.

    The article brought a lot of pleasant memories of innocent childhood!

  2. Very True… Even a moment when you can laugh like a child is enough to make the day bright and beautiful. 🙂

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