making English sexy

“Boys shagging flies”

“Double fisting”


“Stuffing your fanny”

What a queer language English is! Through some ribtickiling cosmic intervention, these phrases have become part of the most influential language in the world!

Imagine my mother’s consternation when my cousin brother launched into the delights of double fisting! For those of you who are aghast now, it is an expression used to describe somebody at a party, bar or restaurant, holding two drinks, one in each hand.

And the first time I read about boys shagging flies, I was struck by the physical incongruity of the situation! Then google helped me understand that it was not about boys attempting intercourse with insects, but something to do with baseball!

With time the English language has transformed into an amusing permutation and combination of  immense diversity. It is hard to find a single sentence that could not have two meanings!

The possibilities of saying something that could be a perverts delight is ever present. I used to be seated next to a guy who could make the most mundane sentences sound dirty and full of sexual innuendo!

With the increasing need to make everything sexy, the English language is becoming filled with sexual infiltrations into random phrases. What is voting voting virginity for instance?

And since WTF has become insufficient to express suprise, a new phrase ‘what the actual fuck’ has been incorpporated into the urban dictionary! Read below for further understanding:

October 30
3413 up, 2234 down
An expression of surprise or confusion used when what the fuck is insufficient to convey the magnitude of the situation. The increasingly flippant use and associated devaluation of the query ‘what the fuck?’ has necessitated the creation a more heart-felt derivative.

“What the actual fuck are you doing?”

After all necessity is the mother of invention!

Do I have a problem with English becoming such a sexually charged language? Not at all. But I do think we will have to coach the older generations through specially designed courses if they are to understand future conversations!




One thought on “making English sexy

  1. Ramya, I found the treatise on contemporary English usage quite interesting, but as you rightly put it one has to be lingo savvy to make out wtf these expressions are. The wide variety of lexical jugglary and usage disparity between regions also keep one guessing all the time! Well written!

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