Fat transport

I am amazed when I see obese people in London. Everytime I step out of my house here, the only thing that stops me from cursing the miles of walking that I need to do, is the consoling thought that I can atleast keep the weight off!

I come from a land where using the means of transportation that God gifted us with, our legs, is used only in situations of utmost emergency. Otherwise we all just make use of the three-wheeled marvel, the autorickshaw!

In India it was so easy to be late, save that walk to the bus stop and hop into one of these beauties. But here, people actually use legs! The majority at that. So I cannot understand, how in the world one can become fat here. Unless of course they literally gorge all day.

Of course, this clearly does not apply to the fortunate people enjoying the delights of a personal vehicle. This applies to poor souls like me.

Thats another thing that is truly unique about London.I have seen people from all financial backgrounds using the tube and the bus. Whereas in Bangalore, my hometown, the rich prefer to stay closeted in their designer wheels.

Yet despite the obvious amount of walking that people do here, statistics show that the rate of obese people is rising alarmingly. A survey undertaken suggested that a quarter of the adult population in Britain is obese.

A statistician friend of mine decided to play with the numbers and decided to see what the situation would be like if the roles of legs and rickshaws were reveresed between London and Bangalore.

And you can bet that the results were comical to say the least. If the Bangaloreans decided to get off their backsides and do some actual walking, obesity would decrease by 20% in Bangalore.

And if the pocket friendly rickshaws were introduced here, not only would the obesity increase by a whooping 40%, the CFC emissions from the little monster would clog the atmosphere making it nearly impossible to breathe!

So when I go back to my lovely Bangalore, will I use my legs? Erm.. I think I would let my innate Indian take over. We like to reserve our walks for the parks!

Image Courtesy: Farheen Ara


2 thoughts on “Fat transport

  1. Ramya, yes it is sad the joy of walking is missed in India. As I see it, walking in India particularly in the cities is quite scary because the density of vehicles is so much that they use up most of the walkable space too! Water logging, clogged drains, litter etc. too play an important part in people’s choice, perhaps. I don’t know the case in London.


  2. Good one mollu!!

    Obesity difference in Bangalore and London can because of the difference in the food that we eat.. But I guess its the climate of London is the cause.. I believe that a person will sweat less in a walk of a mile in London, when compared to a walk of mile here back home.

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