Abu Ghraib… not again!

Defecation on prisoners, crushing of private parts of detainees and relentless torture for hours. These are the unspeakable atrocities that the people in these cells are put through. And why?

I cannot count the number of times that stories about Abu Ghraib, Guatanamo bay and many other such detention facilities have made news. Definitely not for the right reason.

State machinery explains these as unfounded accusations aimed at tarnishing the image of the western countries. But how often can people go wrong? How often can such claims surface without even the least shred of truth?

A couple of years ago, there was a big noise about the actions of American soldiers in Iraq. The video footage released at the time cannot even be described because thats the level of grotesque torture that these people were exposed to.

But after that big noise what happened? Was something done to really stop this from happening. Clearly not, because more such accusations surfaced. Aren’t we terrorising these detainees into meek submission. Does that not make us terrorists too?

It is easy to get carried away in the anger of the moment and try to channel all the frustration on these people. But aren’t we just creating another generation of terrorists, deadlier than ever, powered by the zest of vengeance?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that we should hug and forget the gross atrocities committed by people in prisons such as these. But we must also never forget that we are human.

It is not our right to inflict harm on another person’s life. It makes us even more barbaric than the animal world, which has accepted preying and being preyed on as a way of life.

This is supposed to be an era of positive growth. But how are we to acheive that if we continue to regress into a world of violence and destruction?


4 thoughts on “Abu Ghraib… not again!

  1. war crimes seem to be a way of annihilating the weak in a bid to prove superiority. ghastly tales also existed in the vietnam era and in recent times, in closer-home godhra. and war history will be interspersed with such gory tales throughout. at the outset, the growth that you talk of has set us years backwards. needless to say, a thought-provoking piece!

  2. It is a sad fact that the society that imprisons a person for killing, puts a medal around the neck of another for doing much the same thing!

    Yet for some this is justified; justifiable; unjustifiable or unjust!

    The purpose noble, the means ignoble and the result cataclysmic!

    In between this there are humans with animal feeling and animals with human feelings; the boundary is thin! After all humans are animals. Survival dissolves morality.

  3. Man has a natural propensity for violence be it enjoying wrestling shows or the more grim torture in custody. The positive growth provides a veneer of refinement that conceals it or sometimes even creates opportunities to indulge it – the growth being largely materialistic rather than spiritual. Of course, that’s no excuse for barbarism.

  4. Abu Ghraib, Definitely not again… But what do we do with those few terrorists in the prison?? Like u say we shudnt be barbaric but what do we actually do with them???

    They all are trained to endure pain and inflict pain.. What you call has torture is a trained practice for them. By no means I wud like to torture them. But isnt Vengeance one of the basic instincts of humans.
    Shud we consider the sufferings of the innocents as a sacrifice ??? and let them go.. Humans show violence while standing in Queue for buying tickets for a movie or a game. Everyone wants to show their power by pushing and shoving each other.. How can we expect the same humans not to be violent in the bigger scenario.

    I believe that the terror and war are fought in minds, minds of leaders/politicians of nations and it can only be stopped at the grass root level.. And like u mentioned there will always be a ripple effect, the measures taken to stop terrorism might only increase it.. But what is that we can actually do about it?? Any solution

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