United we stood

The choicest blasphemies, curses that would make your skin crawl and go into hiding and multicultural rants! No, i’m not talking about the local fish market. This was a day in our Online Journalism class!

Mondays are generally loathed, with weekend lethargy carrying on, and ones grey cells refusing to co-operate. But in some sinister turn of fate, our most riotous class falls on this dreaded day week after week.

And the drama begins

Completely unaware of the impending monster roller coaster ride, we trooped into the second half of class not expecting the scene that unfolded.

“A simple profile on your colleague”, said our deceptive tutor. And boy, were we in an uproar!

A scramble to find a colleague to interview ensued, with some enthusiastic members clutching their partners as if in fear of their impending attempt to escape.

After a series of warnings from our tutors we began and completed our interviews. Then came the actual writing. And then all the information of the past hour stared at us, refusing to become meaningful sentences.

With the writers block persisting, and our tutors consistently reminding us of the precious minutes remaining, the true chaos set in.


When the final minutes arrived, the entire class was in an uproar. People were screaming at deliberately scheming systems, talking to air and generally getting asphixiated with all the excess energy.

And then the most amazing thing happened. In all that confusion and cacophony, we discovered our fellow classmates. My fellow classmates were running around class, trying to get the nervous wrecks to calm down.

People I had never talked to volunteered to save me from utter despair, when I accepted defeat and decided to bellow. I saw my entire class, function as a unit.

In all these days never did I feel more a part of this group of people than I did today. Although our tutors asked us to write just one profile today, I think we really discovered many more.

The helper, the consoler, the curser and the cryer. All of us together did what we had to. We made it guys! And I’m so happy that we had this assessment. Thank you , my fellow journalists, for a wonderful, albeit crazy day!


5 thoughts on “United we stood

  1. Ramya, I just saw the post and I’m glad I did, cause this was a wonderful way of beginning this day. Thanks for making me smile. :-*

  2. I like what you said.

    Especially this:”In all these days never did I feel more a part of this group of people than I did today.”

    Can’t agree more!

    LOVE ur blog, btw.


  3. oh no
    Am I the only one who hates working under stress conditions? 😀

    But your blog is nice indeed, Ramya 🙂
    And I liked the way David seemed annoyed by the panic in the end and kept asking to calm down, that was funny )))

    1. Hey Dilara… Thanks… ‘I’m sure loads of us hated it… but i guess afterwards it was like this huge burden was lifted i guess, made it feel special… Cant imagine how we did it!

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