A Big Hot Scoop of Love

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Slurp. Drool. Yummm… That’s what journalists think when they get to know the juicy, delectable bits of a celebrity’s love life.

Lady Gaga stealing someones boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s magic tricks to timeless love and Sandra Bullock coping with her husbands philandering ways, all make big news.

Be it the aww moments of love stories or the oh crap situations, the media goes all out when it comes to covering love stories or the lack of it. Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock made more news than her winning the oscars!

Snoop Snoop

Nowadays the paparazzi fall like vultures on a couple that is allegedly involved in a relationship. They stalk the celebrity couple and try to get a hot scoop of some clandestine meetting.

Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart can wax eloquent about their great friendship, and Jennifer Aniston can keep saying that she’s over Brad Pitt, but the media gets to them eventually.

Nothing that celebs do is excused by the media and their love lives are most diligently followed by the world in general. Now the media take their job very seriously. No little bit of gossip is ever left out!

How ethical is it for the media to be covering this? That has always been a bone of contention for the media and the celebs. While celebs quote freedom of privacy and threaten defamation, the media reciprocates with Freedom of speech and expression.

So the debate is not easily settled.

Why love?

According to me, love is something that all people look for, at some time or the other in their lives. So knowing how the people that they worship fare in this tricky business must be important to most.

There was huge disappointment in my friend circles when Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe called it quits. They were the golden couple then, and it is hard for people to accept their screen ideals falling apart. Which obviously translates into huge readership.

So also when screen idols have great chemistry on screen , their offscreen relationships spark a lot of interest. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in their hay days gave people the same kind of jubiliant pleasure.

While everything celebs do is of great interest to the general public, their love lifes are certainly the most interesting.

Come on, now, admit it. You want to know if that hot young thing is single or not, dont you. Gives you the chance to dream of a possible fairy tale romance with your favorite celeb, doesn’t it?!


4 thoughts on “A Big Hot Scoop of Love

  1. Absolutely true.
    I think we all have a voyeuristic streak, we want to know what is happening in people’s lives and the fact that they are celebrities and it’s not easy to find out what is happening with them makes it even more intriguing

  2. Love the last 3 lines!!!!

    Why does the paparazzi behave like the way they do, or why are they paparazzi in the first place… What they give is not what ppl want to read or see???? Its the ppl who created them… We are the ones who wanted to know What Diana was doing…

    Also Celebs shudnt have a problem with them as when in need, they need all the attention from the media… They need the media for all kind of promotions and stuff. They want it most of the time and want the media to stay away from their personal lives… But the sad thing about NEWS is there is no ‘Good News’ or ‘Bad News’ there is just NEWS

  3. I think you’ve left out the political bigwigs and their sexual escapades/love-life!

    The fact of the matter is the Fourth Estate is kinda above the law and sometime engage in activities on the borderline; maybe even beyond it.

    In any civil society mere mention of censor is a taboo.

    So, I guess these things will go on for some time unimpeded.

    Who cares, people love to sling mud; why not media?

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