If I could have a wish I would wish that I could stop expecting. I agree with Elliot Larson’s comment: Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.

I think we can add grief, love, self loathing, depression and every other emotion to expectation. Imagine a world without expectation. Must be like utopia!

Haven’t you all been betrayed by expectation at some point? Expecting your parents to show up for that important game. Expecting your boyfriend to remember that special day. Expecting your friends to be there for you..

Sometimes none of these things happen. Hope another form of expectation is yet another criminal according to me.

We hope for that important person in your life to be saved by some marvellous miracle. We hope that God will weild his magic and give us a second chance with life.

But guess what, maybe that was not the plan.

Mostly I dismiss these cruel turns of fate as a part of the learning curve that is life. But sometimes, I just can’t. I want to scream and rave and rant about the unfairness of it all.

And then I think of the poor unfortunate souls in war torn, poverty stricken nations. Expectation is the only thing that’s holding them together. If they did not have expectation and hope with them, they have no weapons against their misery.

If it weren’t for holding on to expectation and hope, half the couples in the world would probably drift apart. Although some of us need to stop with the expecting!

There is so much that life expects out of us, and so much that we expect out of life. But sometimes the bargain seems unfair and at others it seems magical.

Right now, I’m angry with expectations not working out. But I still expect that tomorrow will be better. It is a vicious cycle and the ride is bumpier than the worst roller coaster.

Are you ready for it?


One thought on “Expectation

  1. ‘Expect’ is as such a neutral word; somehow people have given it a positive tone.

    Hope and dream are ‘criminals’ as you put it; they drive you on until you give up; their crime starts when you stop hoping and dreaming or even expecting!

    Nevertheless, let us spread hope in us and the world.

    As Dad put it, ‘Hope for the best; prepare for the worst!’

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