Mathematical Beauty

According to my lecturer, David Dunkley Gyimah there is mathematics in beauty. Well mathematics, at least a small part of it, has become a part of our obsession with beauty.

When they discovered the concept of weights, never would they have imagined the frenzy which it would attract in women and now even men!

Watching the scales, counting calories and generally panicking over ever extra bite of food. Today’s beauties have to battle with the demands of the body every day.

Being even the slightest bit overweight, tips you from the hot and beautiful list into the cute and pretty, or worse yet,the plump and cuddly categories!

Some of us have it easy, of course. I have friends who can guzzle gallons of ice cream daily and still look like they have been in a concentration camp! Some things in life are just unfair!

And some of the mathematics of beauty are just ridiculous, at least for women. How many women with a 17 inch waist can youexpect to have a 34DD chest!

In this race to retain that gorgeous look, the mathematical diets have made huge profits.

The Hollywood diet of juice concoctions to be consumed exclusively in 24/48 hours, the Hollywood Cookie diet of eating four cookies, and the list is endless and the numbers progressively worse!

I do agree that being obese is criminal, especially since it harms your health and it is something that you can control and make a difference about.

But these days the stories of perfectly normally propotioned women, becoming anorexic, bulimic and so on are increasing. Clearly their way of bowing to peer and societal pressure is not the best possible solution.

Being skinny is associated with being beautiful. Most often it is. But what if you become so sick in your effort to be beautiful, that you DIE! It is not unheard of.

I must confess, most of the time I get carried away with the need to be attractive, and try to strave my body into submission. But with my friends screaming wisdom into me, I eventually come to my senses.

Don’t get carried away by the mathematics in beauty. after all like one of my wise friends said, models, the definition by which we judge our appearance, are products of a gay man’s vision!


5 thoughts on “Mathematical Beauty

  1. If only a prophet of fashion would come and put plump back into fasion……! But then the diet gurus and body sculpters would have to shut shop.
    Its too bad that women bow to the rules of the beauty industry. We must wear burqas in protest, I tell you

  2. Mathematics or no mathematics, beauty is an experience in the mind and has very little to do with appearance, according to menon.

    A beautiful person may not look like a typical model, but shall invoke in the beholder a higher emotion of admiration; not baser instincts!

    You are beautiful!

  3. It’s a real problem that keeps getting worse. For example, Jessica Simpson packed on a few pounds recently (probably because she actually started eating), and the tabloids won’t leave her alone. She is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, and this only trickles down to young girls who read this stuff and think a size 8 is big. It’s an epidemic!

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