The Gift of Dissastisfaction

Dissatisfaction! The one omnipotent emotion that rules our very existence. Can you imagine how very different our existence would have been if not for dissatisfaction?

We would probably be still living in caves wearing leaves. As appealing as that thought is, I think I prefer my pretty clothes and a roof over my head.

Many people claim that it is necessity, that drives man to creation. Well, I beg to differ. It is dissatisfaction, that is the bud of creative invention.

When we are dissatisfied, we find ways and means to better our situations. If we were all perennially satisfied creatures, we would still be making trunk calls looking like smug Cheshire cats!
Hold your guns with the complaining

This said, I don’t believe that the dissatisfaction seen these days mirrors anything remotely close to creative invention. When dissatisfaction becomes a habit it can play havoc with your psyche.

I know a certain someone, who is an incessant cribber (for want of a better word). This person is never happy because of the constant almost cancerous dissatisfaction. The said person has a series of persistent and ever escalating issues of catastrophic proportions!

Not only is their dissatisfaction like a highly virulent disease, it puts a strain on people around them. The constant nagging and nit-picking is bound to irritate the hell out of any average human!
What should we do?

So it is time that we as a species began to perfect the art of dissatisfaction. Canalize it in the right direction, and my, we have a winner! But if you let it take over your life, well, you have a pretty much miserable ever after waiting for you.

So like complacency, dissatisfaction too can be a killer phenomenon. Its only upto us to use the grey cells which we are so proud of and make the best of it!


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