Plastic emotions

Simon Howden /

I recently read Jug Suraiya’s post on Indians and their obsession with plastic. This is so true! Never in all my 22 years have I seen my mom and grandma relinquish their mad passion for PLASTIC.

In fact their bizarre love for it is so much that they even collect it. In all forms and sizes plastic has taken over our household. From plastic containers to plastic bags to plastic spoons and so on. I bet if there were plastic clothes we’d have them too.

The pinnacle of this plastic obsession was, an occasion in which I caught my mom actually washing a zip bag for further use! My family alone must be contributing to half the plastic choked poor marine creatures’ untimely demises.

It amazes me how even educated households continue to be so blase  with the use of plastic despite endless lectures on how its choking the planet and killing all of us!

And to top it all we are advertising this grotesque fetish by liberally distributing the said plastic all over the country. We are doing our best to slow down rivers and heighten mountains etc.

Like charity begins at home, saving the environment too should begin at home.

Of course using piles and piles of paper is not really going to help the trees any better. So it is time we began to minimise the rampant usage of either of these as packaging material.

Instead of wraping that sandwich in plastic or paper, invest in a lunchbox. And dont have plastic covered dustbins in every nook and cranny. make the effort of walking to the kitchen dumpster.

It is not so difficult to curb this love affair we have with plastic. Every so often there is a huge campaign to save the planet, but these things need to be extended over a considerable time.

In London there is the concept of recycling. Maybe we too could explore that option seriously in India. It is time that a real step was taken to stop the years of relentless choking.

Sorry Ma and Granny. I’m afraid you will have to give up on the plastic soon.


2 thoughts on “Plastic emotions

  1. Yes, recycling is a fantastic idea, but if not done properly, this too can go for a sixer!

    “A kilometre-long piece of cloth with ‘Go Green’ messages, written over it by luminaries including the Bachchans and Kapil Dev, is now travelling from the North Pole to the South Pole inspiring children across the globe.” This is also happening in India.

    Read more: Green message from the Bachchans travelling around the world – The Times of India

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