The Wonder that is Winter

The strains of christmas carols mix with the sizzle of sausages cooking, and the serene calm of London’s famed Hyde Park clashes with the vibrant air of the winter wonderland.

The Winter Wonderland is back! And according to visitors from last year, its brighter, bigger and better.

On a cold British afternoon, I saw the usually calm Hyde Park transformed into a beehive of activity. Everywhere I looked there were people- couples holding hands, frail old men with their frail old dogs,  and the very obvious tourists.

The sights and sounds are overwhelming at first. People on rides screaming their hearts out, shoppers haggling for christmas decor and a general air of cacophony prevailed.

Major attractions

Ice rink : The most famed and anticipated part of the Winter Wonderland is the ice rink. It is the largest open air ice-rink in London. Of course I did not venture on this, thanks to my famed co-ordination!

Angels Market : Welcoming you right at the entrance, are over 100 stalls with knick knacks for every kind of person. Dazzling silver jewellery, delicate christmas decorations, kitschy bags and lots of other goodies are lined up on either side.

It is easy to find that special christmas gift for someone here! And prices aren’t too bad either. My friend picked up a cute little keychain for under £5!

Food : German Waffles, giant pretzels, juicy sausages and a plethora of other yummilicious offerings are spread over the markets. If you like your chocolate, this is the place for you!

Rides : No matter what age you are, there’s a ride for you at  the Winter Wonderland. Steep slides, roller coasters, and free fall rides can be seen even from a distance. And the best part, the tickets cost as little as £2!

And there are plenty of other fun things to do in the Winter Wonderland. And don’t forget to listen to the ‘only speaking tree’ in London lamenting about his lack of clothes!

Still not convinced? The entry is free, my good people. So get on the tube to the Hyde Park Corner and have a fun filled morning, afternoon or evening at this cosy little festive affair!

Image Courtesy: Chandni Sehgal


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