Transport Woes!

When I decided to come to London, my relatives in the States, praised the highly efficient public transport system here. Yet I have seen four tube strikes since I came here!

Although the strikes do come into news, there is almost never a decisive conclusion to them. Political big wigs chose to play the blame game and steer clear from any thing that could be construed as controversial.

While talking to Ken Livingstone, the ex-mayor of London, he described the previous strikes as ‘absolutely ridiculous’. Agreed, but what has been done about that.

I dread to think of the situation tomorrow. As it is London is not entirely traffic free, tomorrow it will be chaotic. The last time there was a tube strike, it took me nearly three hours to reach the destination that I usually reach in under an hour.

While the world may continue to sing praises of the London underground, the reality is that there is much to improve here as well.

It might seem a bit rich coming from an Indian, where transport is chaotic at the best of times. The difference is , we are aware of our shortcomings and trying our best to improve the situation.

While the transport system here, might have been sufficient enough all this while, there is a real need to tackle the situation. Two strikes within a month is ominous.

If London needs to preserve its reputation as being a good provider of public transport, the demands of the tube workers need to be addressed, at the very least.

I hope I can waddle through the chaos tomorrow!


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