A Journalist with a Cause

For Filipa Simas, journalism is a means of making a difference.

“When I was about six, I saw a lot of poor people in the neighbourhood. Later I realised that, journalism for me, was about being the voice of people like them. The means for them to get their stories across. “

Growing up in the sun-kissed islands of Azeros in Portugal, Filipa was a different kind of little girl. She caught the journalism bug by the time she was a mere three and spent hours watching and reading news!

“ I would stand and watch news for hours ignoring the cartoons and all the other things. I just loved news. And I have always known I wanted to be a journalist.”

Life before Journalism

Born in Azeros and raised in Lisbon, Filipa spent her childhood with her parents and elder siblings. She describes her parents as completely supportive of everything she does and that all they want is to see her happy.

After her schooling in Portugal, she pursued a five-year degree in the Catholican University of Portugal, in social communication and journalism. This paved a way for her journalism fervour to really catch on.

Filipa says that the defining moment in her young life was a trip as missionary to Africa. Working with children and teachers in Canchungo shaped her perception of what was really important and life in general.

“ I tend to look at the good things about something. And during my time there I realised the importance of the little things in life.”

Life as an Active Journalist

With her clouded green eyes lighting up and arms unconsciously flailing, Filipa describes her foray into journalism.

She spent her first few years exploring the print media. Magazines, newspapers, and anything that could be read, she tried it!

But then a chance encounter brought her the love of her life. Broadcast. Fate intervened in her promising print career and she got a coveted job with the National TV in Portugal.

“I loved to write so much that I never gave a thought to TV. But when I discovered it, I was hooked. You get such a different perspective with TV. I used to feel like a director, seeing everything from a different perspective.”

After five years as a TV journalist, Filipa chose to quit and spread her wings.

“I just wanted to move on. When you are working as a journalist, you don’t wait to think. I wanted to see people around the world, and see what their perspectives of journalism.”

Armed with a multicultural perspective on journalism, Filipa Simas is ready to redefine journalism as we know it today!


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