On Life

Image Courtesy: Deepak G Krishnan

Today a young girl, celebrating her first salary, got into a car after a celebratory dinner, and never got up again. A celebration of life, but one that snatched the very life from her.

All around you, you hear of people who have lost loved ones in the most bizarre ways imaginable, and you think that this could not possibly happen to you, but sometimes it just does.

Throughout our lives we are focussed on planning the life that we have. The money, the career, the love life, all are planned to perfection. But in all this planning we are probably missing out on living to the fullest.

I know it sounds cliched. But the fact is, that you don’t know which is the last breath you or someone else is taking. It doesn’t help to know that someone you did not resolve matters with is no more. No matter how much you regret it, its not something you can wipe out.


And I have noticed increasingly that people are becoming more and more immune to another person’s sorrow. But what they fail to think in that moment of nonchalance, is that nobody is spared the cruelties of life.

We might think we are, but it will hit you when you least expect it. And then it too late to sympathise with someones loss because now you are forced to empathise.


While fate cruelly snatches life away from all around us, we see others willingly letting life die. The rates of abortions around the world is increasing by many fold.

Many a time expectant mothers are forced to terminate the life growing inside them. How much harder do you think it is for a person to kill someone knowing they are doing it? Is it harder than coping with the unexpected loss of life?


One thought on “On Life

  1. It is sad that we have forgotten to cry, croon, giggle and sympathise. Yes fatality is an absolute truth; unavoidable. Yet the ugly nature in which it happens and the speed at which it happens leaves all startled. scared

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