Ecstacy in Murder

Image Courtesy: Simon Howden /

Edgar Jiminez or ‘THE CLOAK as he calls himself, the 14 year old boy imprisoned for allegedly beheading four people in Mexico. And his excuse- he was high on weed.

The supposed drug cartel assassin was imprisoned after photos of his unimaginable drug induced cruelty appeared on the internet. Of course he claims to have been forced into the killings. But so what?

The fact remains that this boy, who should have been in school, was busy killing fellow individuals all because of his drug addiction.

Increasing the world over

Even more frightening is the fact this is not an isolated event. According to the NY Daily News, there were 69 drug induced killings in ONE day in Mexico. And the figures are just increasing day by day.

And Mexico is not the only place where these alarming incidents are happening. Nepal too has reported an alarming increase in the number of cruel murders under the haze of marijuana.

Drug abuse the world over is increasing, with a drastic mushrooming of drug trade in developing and underdeveloped areas of the world. The Drug mafia target these poor nations where people are waiting for any chance to escape the socio-political drama.

Its a dead end situation

They target their victims young. Edgar was introduced to weed when he was just 12. This way they become addicted at a really young age. And it is almost impossible to wean them away from drugs.

When we hear about celebrity drug abuse, I think we feel disgust and repulsion for the said celebs. But in cases like these, I am scared. You could never know, who is going to target you in drug induced hate.

Even your little boy or girl could come into contact with these drugs. That is what makes the situation uncontrollable. The networks of drug trade are far flung and too wide for us to effectively stop it forever.

These young people cannot afford to go to fancy rehab facilities and try to get their lives back. There is a forever to their torture at most times…


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