Influenced by the Stars

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In a room filled with mist, she sat alone. A crystal ball glistened under her gnarled hands. She beckoned me towards her. “Come let me tell you secrets from your future.”, she crooned.

Sounds like mumbo jumbo? Well fortunately or unfortunately, this is something that happens very often in places specializing in psychic readings.

In a quest for that ever elusive thing called happiness and contentment, people are turning to the mysteries of the occult. All forms of astrology are flourishing today and all of them promise to solve all your problems.

I have a friend who is a tarot card reader and I have seen people flock to her with myriads of questions ranging from love to work to family and sex. My entire family is influenced by the decisions of the family astrologer, following his suggestions to the hilt.

In India there was always a fascination with the occult. The mysteries of psychic interpretation shrouded in the cloak of uncertainty influenced many. But now astrology in all its forms are welcomed the world over.

A parapsychology student at Cornell, attributed it to people trying to reconnect with the spiritual in a world that is increasingly becoming more and more chaotic. But will they find the answers they want in tarot or crystal balls.

“Its just a gimmick to trap vulnerable people. My family spends a lot of money consulting the astrologer. Like everything else this too is a marketing strategy for a business”, says Araav Sen, a journalist.

But some people swear by the results that the occult brings them. A friend going through a rather painful divorce found solace in the tarot readings telling her a man would soon enter her life. And guess what, he did!

I myself have found myself enchanted by the results of my tarot readings. I know people whose lives have turned around after listening to their astrologers.

But I also know of situations where it has turned completely upside down. A family friend was married off to her husband after the astrologers thumbs up. A few months into the marriage, he died in an accident.

Should we really become obsessed with the occult? Is it really the answer to all our problems?


3 thoughts on “Influenced by the Stars

  1. This is kinda crucial….i mean its a good state^….but will anyone stop looking at the luck they think will befall ’em?..

  2. I suppose it is ok to be enchanted with the occult; to be obsessed by it may not be such a good thing. Astrology has become a part of Indial culture and society. On the personal level, people resort to it when they face a dilemma and don’t know what to do. Besides, it offers remedies when one feels helpless in the face of adversity. The individual takes comfort in carrying out these, whether they work or not.

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