Capturing Camden

Outside the Stables Market

Amidst the swirling scents of exotic cuisines, through the graveled streets, under the canopy of London’s skies you find yourself in a haven of clothes, jewelry, food and drink. The Camden Market is a shopper’s delight with every nook and cranny filled with treasures to be explored.

With alleyways appearing at every corner, shopping at Camden is like an adventure. You never know what could be hidden behind the dark paths, waiting for eager owners. Sometimes, there is almost a sense of foreboding, but soon the exotic goods steer any negativity away.

“I remember thinking of it as almost medieval. It looks like you can find an apothecary just around the corner.” said Marsha Samsa a visitor at the Market.

Camden is the fourth biggest tourist attraction in London having stalls selling clothes, food and all sorts of bric-a-bracs. It attracts almost 100,000 visitors every weekend.

“I visited London for a few days, and this was the place I enjoyed the most. It’s so pretty and affordable,” said Alexandra King an Indian tourist.

Some of the more interesting offerings!

The biggest market in Camden is the Stables Market. The market is built in the former Midland Railway stables and horse hospital which served the purpose of horses pulling barges along the canal. Many of the stalls and shops are set into huge arches in railway viaducts.

When you step into the Stables Marketas the market is sometimes referred, you cannot help but compare it to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. Small little stores selling everything from pretty dresses to magical pendants can be found here.

The most interesting part of shopping in Camden is the specialist stores that they have. Burlesque, Rock n Roll, Vintage and Gothic stores offering such competitive prices are hard to come by in London. Shopkeepers invite you into their stores with almost feverish excitement.

“It is tough to find burlesque stores in many parts of the country. And the ones here are very affordable, which is why I keep coming back for more.” said a dancing student from Manchester.

There are a few Burlesque stores specialising in corsets and teddies for all sizes. Even if you are not into Burlesque, you can’t help but admire the intricate work. Goth fashionistas will find that their search for affordable specialist fashion ends here.

Fashion is not the only attraction at Camden. Exotic cuisines from all over the world are available here. Spicy Mexican fajitas, steaming Chinese noodles, pretty British Muffins and a host of other mouthwatering treats are available in Camden.

Unlike other markets in London, here you have the luxury of sitting at pretty Al Fresco arrangements and enjoying your food over some friendly conversation. Even on a rainy day, lunch in Camden is fun.

A small local food market has operated in Inverness Street since the beginning of the 20th century

Camden is not multicultural in just its gastronomic treats. African jewellery, Indian rugs and Middle Eastern sheesha’s can be found in tiny stores here. Sheesha parlours littered across the Camden Market, remind you of Arabian boudoirs with their bright red seating arrangements and long billowing curtains.

Adding to the fun and frolic of shopping is the thumping beats of reggae music playing in the background. Shopping and eating can only become more fun with Bob Marley.

If you are not really interested in shopping, you can still plan a visit to Camden. The picturesque cobbled streets offer the perfect getaway from the crowded hustle bustle of London.

“One should visit Camden not just for the shopping but for the entire package that it offers; an experience that is likely to be exciting and unforgettable.” says Chandni Sehgal an international student in London.

The Camden Market is open from Monday to Sunday, 10Am to 6PM. Hop onto the Northern Line and get off at Chalk Farm, the nearest tube station and take a walk to Camden Market. You can be sure to walk away with a lot of amazing affordable goodies.


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