When anarchy prevailed…

Wanton theft, mindless destruction and pointless strife. These are the foundations of the riots that have been rocking the very foundation of English society.

In an unprecedented show of remorseless anarchy, youngsters from across the country alerted the country of the deep levels of disease in the pristine English society. Prime Minister, David Cameron did not mince his words when he called some parts of the society ‘sick’ and refused to condone this alarming act of rebellion.

Police forces from across the country and the extra services from the Scottish police have not helped to control the fires of hatred burning through England.


The worst part of the riot is the fact that the rebellion is without any palpable reason. These angsty youngsters seem to have gotten together with a misbegotten plan for revolution, without realising the chaos that would ensue. They also seem to be propelled by a sense of being victimised, without really stopping to think if they actually are.

It is indeed true that this year has seen some ups and downs in England, with the introduction of the cuts to deal with the financial crisis. But this mindless looting is certainly not the answer to deal with the impositions of the government. In an interview with a journalist on the BBC, a rioter in Manchester was quoted saying:

“I am just doing this because everyone else is.”

According to Professor John Pits, this is a classic example of power getting to the rioters sense of control, which results in utter dissolution of all social justice.


The results this show of dissent is going to have, is catastrophic. Not only does it evoke fear and resentment in the minds of people, this riot may set a precedence for other shows of meaningless angst. This will also cause damage to the economy of the country and it definitely sends the wrong message to the world at large.

Often terrorism finds a cosy nest in countries with such dissatisfaction brewing. So this may in fact trigger more violence creating an unsuitable environment for any social activity.

Besides these internal troubles, this will also create security concerns for the 2012, London Olympics. It will take a remarkable turnaround for countries to trust the safety of England and especially, London

Over 1000 arrests across the country, loss of lives, looting of property and the aura of fear and violence, these are the legacies of this pointless riot. The silver lining is the sheer resilience of the people here, who have got back on their feet and taken the matter of returning their beloved cities back to normal in their own hands.


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