On Love


Poems are written about it, stories are woven around it and films rely on it. Love, that elusive feeling, often compared to euphoria, but as thorny as brambles at most times.

Since I am human, I too am bound to be trapped by the tentacles of the worldwide phenomenon. But what is so compelling about love that nothing and noone seems to be safe from it?

A woman, so blinded by love, let her drug addict husband beat her up, endanger their sons life and threaten her parents. If this is love, it is the most scary thing in the world.

Scientists explain it as pheromones. But to me it is the social conventions that have evolved over time that has resulted in love gaining the level of attention that it enjoys today.

To be loved catapults you into that legion of lucky souls, making you part of that rare breed which can claim to hold a persons affections. But how far can one go to retain this love.

All around me my friends complain of philandering boys, stupid girls and clingy women. But they continue to hold on to the relationship that they know is pointless, to say the least.

The media has reported scores of cases of jealous men and women, going to the extent of murdering for love. How can something that is meant to be an emotion of joy cause so much truama?

Psychologists attribute it to the frenzy with which society reacts to love. If someone has a lot of people who love them, they are automatically considered popular and superior to other people.

But is this the case?

A friend of mine disagrees completely.

“Love has been transformed into something more than what it really is. And people’s expectations of love has changed, making it hard for any realtionship to really work out.”

The number of succesful stories are admittedly decreasing.This too could be attributed to the increasing demands that a relationship places on us.

But on the flipside I know of more than three or four couples of my generation fighting to keep their love together. I salute you, for I know, its not an easy path to tread.