Every day India wakes up to . Yes everyone in the planet is reacting to the rape in Delhi and rightly so, there is nothing better than a continuous riot of expression to truly spread the message.

But what bothers me is that as shocking as this particular incident is, this is by no means the worst example of the scum that inhabit what we so proudly call Mother India. It makes me laugh whenever I hear that expression, it is such an irony considering the ‘respect’ we as a nation bestow on our mothers, daughters and sisters.

I have noticed a number of comments about how men are beasts and how their over-active hormones have resulted in the increase of sexual atrocities towards women. Again this becomes laughable when the so called Women’s Rights Activists like NCW supremo, Mamta Sharma, chooses to comment on the actions of victim rather than the vermin who carried on with the rape.IF we have such activists we might as well turn ourselves in for ‘provoking a rape’ rather than bothering with justice.