the bliss of ignorance

so a six year old was raped today by the faculty at a private school in bangalore. there is nothing sacred anymore, no sanctity to childhood, no respect to humanity and frankly a gut wrenching lack of feeling that pervades the cornerstones of our nation.

despite the fact that our dailies are studded with shockingly repetitive incidents of rape, sexual perversion and a host of other crimes against the female gender, there seems to be no dearth to this plague like catastrophe that has mired our nation. and it honestly begs the question, why if everything has been done to quell this epidemic of gargantuan proportions, does it still continue? surely this is rhetorical, and the answer is obvious to anyone with half a brain. it is simply because enough has not been done.

although this comparison is unfair on several levels I would still like to use it. in the west when there is a crime as shocking as the ‘Nirbhaya’ incident, it results in a public outcry so massive that there is an immediate response in the political echelons. don’t get me wrong, sometimes this response is by no means a favourable one, sometimes it just reiterates a stance that was taken by the officials, but whatever the nature of the response is, one consistent feature is its immediateness.

now what I discuss here is a situation with very little connect to the problems discussed thus far; but on some level parallels can be drawn on the action-reaction front. When there were wide spread protects across the european countries, particularly England and France , about the hike in the cost of education; immediately after the planned protests, (which, bear in mind, went on without the police having to resort to caveman like techniques,) the government came out with the various reasons why they would have to continue with the plan to increase the cost associated with gaining higher education in the UK or France. There after the protests eventually came to an end and the situation continued as expected.

Cut to India in december 2012, when there was a an even bigger public outcry with the entire nation coming together to almost bombard the politicos with their determination to effect a positive change. the varying levels of absolute blasphemy that was toted by the people running our country, still inspires so much incredulity, disgust and dumbfoundedness in me. From chow mien to chotta kapda, everything was discussed with great gusto apart from the way the legislature and the executive could marry up and find a bureaucratic arkenstone to prevent more such incidents becoming commonplace.