Tinder for the Kindered?

Now all you need to do, to possibly meet the love of your life or the best in bed, is apparently join Tinder

For the longest time, I was meaning to look up this talk-of-the-town app. (Before people get any funny ideas, I meant look up, not hook up…) It was buzzing, and trending and popping up on feeds and basically making all the right kind of noises.

Quite obviously some of the tidbits were scandalous to say the least, but, most people seemed to think it had redefined the ‘Hooking Up’ concept and lent it a socially acceptable angle. Some called it the perfect mashup of dating and casual sex.

When the swipe hype came to India

As an Indian woman, with tall claims on my own ideas of sexual independence, I am torn about my opinions of the app. On the one hand there is the idea that it gives our women the freedom of choice. All it takes is a few jabs with your finger, to decide which dishy dude is going to get lucky. (Yes, pun very much intended).

This is obviously a far cry from days when all the woman was expected to do, was, oblige.

But on the other, there is the spectacularly sleazy aspect to it. I mean, lets face it. Most men, and I say this with the utmost apathy possible, are looking for an easy lay. I can almost see the cogs of their sexual mind, going at breakneck speed, trying to visualise a a totally guilt free romp in the sack.

The safety angle

One thing that really scares me about putting any information on an online platform is the very real possibility that, maybe half the world is viewing it. And cyber security seems to be questionable with Tinder.

One glaringly obvious case of cyber scary was that hackers could zero in on a persons location almost precisely. The error margin was just a 100ft.  Some cases were reported where the emails became accessible to the people who had been rejected and so on.

Now in a country where acid attacks and rapes are as commonplace as bread and butter, one needs to be super careful. No amount of promises of meeting THE ONE, or even a great sack session,  should incite you to relinquish the safety aspect.

Where did all the romance go

The romantic in me, is most offended that, you need to resort to some matchmaking app to help you get by. It may have been the startup of 2013, but I am seriously hoping I will never have to resort to becoming a user, to satiate any of my ‘needs’.


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