Lots of cooks, and one perfect broth

Lately there was a lot of buzz around the way the Myntra warehouse workers were given a makeover. They were heralded as the company that cares for its staff, making it sound like working for them a personal milestone rather than just a job.

There are very few jobs that make you feel good, let alone something as wonderful as cared for. So good for the Myntra guys that they are enjoying a happy working space.

I am among the lucky few in that space, of absolute happiness at work.

Everyday I wake up feeling inspired, rejuvenated and cared for. Of course we don’t need any makeovers to feel the love. There is the constant flow of foodspirations to keep the creative juices flowing and the emotional cravings satisfied 😉

I think its important to be in a space that values your individuality, respects your aspirations and pushes you to excellence. I have found the perfect platter that serves me this recipe to peace at work, no holds barred.

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments of absolute panic and complete pig headedness. But the fact that such altercations, make you want to simply do better, is what redefines this working experience for me.

Before joining this revelation of a company, I had my fair share of Blatant Bureaucratic Crap and petty politics to deal with in the bigwig conglomerates of the media industry. And it had hardened my soul to my very first love; the love of writing.

And now I can slowly feel the shackles on my carefully restrained grey cells, loosen to the possibility of some actual creative thought. For that I cannot be more thankful to messers DM and CT.

And for last words, all I can say is I am proud to be one of the Humans at Cucumbertown. Finally it feels like I am home. Complete with coffee, cookies, and yummilicious conversations.


3 thoughts on “Lots of cooks, and one perfect broth

  1. Ramya Menon….I’m simply loving it.
    Your serving is spicy,tantalizingly tempting, sense & nonsense packaged appetisingly & the helping is Ohh just so right. keep them coming

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