The Senile Former Prime Minister

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Kronisme Mahathir


Every morning, when he sips his kopi susu in his retirement rocking chair, perhaps he should consider a few pertinent issues:

Which Prime Minister of Malaysia has seen two racial clashes happening during his time in power?

Dr Mahathir, of course. In his pursuit of glitzy projects, his gross neglect of the slums in the capital contributed to an outbreak of racial conflict in Kampung Rawa in March 1998 and in Kampung Medan, March 2001, which were the first serious violence between races since 1969.


Which Prime Minister in Malaysia spent billions on a mega project for a new administrative centre in Putrajaya – money that could have been used to tackle urban and racial problems, which could have helped citizens and avoided racial clashes?

Dr Mahathir, of course.

Which former PM has this illusion that he is far above any before and after him and has the divine right…

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