Gastronomical Goals: When foodie meets footie

So ISL is finally here.

The ‘Sleeping Giants’ India, are poised for their giant leap into the lucrative, glamorous and addictive world of football.  We too will ooh and aah at the dishy footballers chasing each other in their tiny shorts, and wait impatiently to get a glimpse of the equally dishy array of celebrity club owners.

Since I am a foodie, when I think of dishy men, I also think of what food fantasies can go with the eye candy. It is a strange affliction, but it has definitely helped me sit through some terribly boring football while in England. Game nights where when there was a nerve wracking penalty shootout in my kitchen. Would my quesadillas score over the unhealthy nachos that the folks were shovelling at a maniacal pace? Most often the score was 1-0 to my quesadillas, thanks to Raymond Selzer’s delightfully simple recipe.

Since I came back to India, I haven’t had the joy of munching on something scrumptious, as I watched the midfielders and defenders battle to keep possession. Now it is that time again. And since this is the ‘Indian’ Super League, it definitely calls for some desi recipes to go with the football fun.

Idli Wedges: We have all munched on potato wedges like there is no tomorrow. So why not try these super yummy, and super healthy Idli wedges. Team Chennayin supporters, this one’s for you!

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

Papdi Chaat: There’s nothing like good old yoghurt to calm the nerves when tackles are flying all over the place. And when the Delhi Dynamos are playing, tuck into a chaat like there’s no tomorrow.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

Unniyappams: And what menu is complete with the palette pleasing sweet munchies. So Kerala Blasters, this one goes out to you.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

Momos: Since this is unwittingly shaping up to be a dish for each team, how can one think of North East United without thinking of the deliciously soft momos, with the spicy pickle as sidekick.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

So we have four snacks for the four teams. Stay tuned for more snacks for Goa, Pune, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Till then try these yummy snacks and cheer on for your team. Of course, no points for guessing, I’m a Kochi gal, so my unniyappams are ready and raring to go. Go Kerala Blasters!



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