The Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest

I don’t know how to react. I had convinced myself that I would not blog about the dastardly act that was emblazoned across our screens yesterday.

But the amount of thoughtless bullshit that people seem to be spewing on the internet, the hateful messages of ignorance and the presumptuous pontificating, really got to me.

So i decided to vent.

We have the misfortune to be part of such a horrible moment in history.

132 little lives were lost today. 132 bright futures were destroyed. 132 happy families were drenched in sorrow.

And the only thing that this really was about was hate and cowardice.

It was NOT about religion.It was NOT about nationalism.

It was simply the easiest and most cowardly way to grab the attention of the world at large. And to think that these heathens had the gall to justify themselves makes me boil with rage and at the same time it makes my skin crawl with repulsion.

Can these vermin, who perpetrated this act be considered human? It is like Syria and Palestine all over again. Only a few months back , we were exposed to the mindless loss of innocent lives in Gaza. And now this! A planned, premeditated, heartless murder of so many young children.

Never again should there be an occasion for so many chalk outlines of such little bodies. Never again should Pakistan, Syrian, Palestine or any other place in the world lose its future for the violent motivations of a few crazy loons.

And for anyone asking why we need to bother… It could be your child tomorrow.

So let’s all extend our support to parents of Pakistan. We are with you in this time of indescribable sorrow.


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