The Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest

I don’t know how to react. I had convinced myself that I would not blog about the dastardly act that was emblazoned across our screens yesterday.

But the amount of thoughtless bullshit that people seem to be spewing on the internet, the hateful messages of ignorance and the presumptuous pontificating, really got to me.

So i decided to vent.

We have the misfortune to be part of such a horrible moment in history.

132 little lives were lost today. 132 bright futures were destroyed. 132 happy families were drenched in sorrow.

And the only thing that this really was about was hate and cowardice.

It was NOT about religion.It was NOT about nationalism.

It was simply the easiest and most cowardly way to grab the attention of the world at large. And to think that these heathens had the gall to justify themselves makes me boil with rage and at the same time it makes my skin crawl with repulsion.

Can these vermin, who perpetrated this act be considered human? It is like Syria and Palestine all over again. Only a few months back , we were exposed to the mindless loss of innocent lives in Gaza. And now this! A planned, premeditated, heartless murder of so many young children.

Never again should there be an occasion for so many chalk outlines of such little bodies. Never again should Pakistan, Syrian, Palestine or any other place in the world lose its future for the violent motivations of a few crazy loons.

And for anyone asking why we need to bother… It could be your child tomorrow.

So let’s all extend our support to parents of Pakistan. We are with you in this time of indescribable sorrow.


Mammary lapse

Well, if you don’t know what I’m on about , here is a bit of background on this comedy of errors 🙂

So TOI did the usual attention grabbing headline, and, thankfully, it backfired.

This sort of story is so typical of the most read English newspaper of the country, that I am actually surprised people have finally realised, it is beyond obnoxious.

But sadly, this is not the first time that such deliberate objectification of women has happened on Indian or International press. It is also not going to be the last.

TOI is not alone to come out with abject pieces of pathetic journalism, like: “Check out Bollywood’s busty babes.”, “7 worst wardrobe malfunctions.” etc.


                 Image Courtesy:

But at the end of the day, that story was an attempt to sensationalise. And guess what, that’s exactly what happened.

They say all press is good press, but, I for one, think, it will take TOI a while to battle this shit storm.

Until then, they can take to doling out unsolicited advice on online journalism and catchy headlines. Point to note: Nobody is listening to you lame idiots. Stop trying to come off worse than you already are.

the bliss of ignorance

so a six year old was raped today by the faculty at a private school in bangalore. there is nothing sacred anymore, no sanctity to childhood, no respect to humanity and frankly a gut wrenching lack of feeling that pervades the cornerstones of our nation.

despite the fact that our dailies are studded with shockingly repetitive incidents of rape, sexual perversion and a host of other crimes against the female gender, there seems to be no dearth to this plague like catastrophe that has mired our nation. and it honestly begs the question, why if everything has been done to quell this epidemic of gargantuan proportions, does it still continue? surely this is rhetorical, and the answer is obvious to anyone with half a brain. it is simply because enough has not been done.

although this comparison is unfair on several levels I would still like to use it. in the west when there is a crime as shocking as the ‘Nirbhaya’ incident, it results in a public outcry so massive that there is an immediate response in the political echelons. don’t get me wrong, sometimes this response is by no means a favourable one, sometimes it just reiterates a stance that was taken by the officials, but whatever the nature of the response is, one consistent feature is its immediateness.

now what I discuss here is a situation with very little connect to the problems discussed thus far; but on some level parallels can be drawn on the action-reaction front. When there were wide spread protects across the european countries, particularly England and France , about the hike in the cost of education; immediately after the planned protests, (which, bear in mind, went on without the police having to resort to caveman like techniques,) the government came out with the various reasons why they would have to continue with the plan to increase the cost associated with gaining higher education in the UK or France. There after the protests eventually came to an end and the situation continued as expected.

Cut to India in december 2012, when there was a an even bigger public outcry with the entire nation coming together to almost bombard the politicos with their determination to effect a positive change. the varying levels of absolute blasphemy that was toted by the people running our country, still inspires so much incredulity, disgust and dumbfoundedness in me. From chow mien to chotta kapda, everything was discussed with great gusto apart from the way the legislature and the executive could marry up and find a bureaucratic arkenstone to prevent more such incidents becoming commonplace.

Where art thou, o youth of India

I wonder what the youth of India have to say about a 74 year old man having to lead the fight against that age old problem of corruption. While the problem may be decades old, does it really take a seasoned veteran’s selfless sacrifice to curb this issue?

Some may argue that the wisdom and tenacity of Anna Hazare will be a huge advantage in this battle against corruption. Even though there is no denying that, it is sad to note that the young leaders of India, who have been propped up as the solution to all India’s troubles, have still not woken up from the apathy of their older predecessors.

Anna Hazare and his Gandhian philosophies have paved a path for an efficiently run India. It could be that a man, who is fasting at his age, will put more pressure on the government than a young healthy leader. But this does not change the fact that the young, promoisng Indians did not make the first move to fight against the injustices in the country.

However despite this, it is indeed an inspiration to see people from all walks of life and different age groups and castes have responded to this call for change. Anna Hazare has received unprecedented levels of support from people across the country and even outside it.

That being said, there is no doubt that India is still missing that one powerful youth icon, who may be able to catapult India to a whole different level. Until then, we must be glad that we have resilient, wizened veterans like Mr Hazare. He might well be the person to change the landscape of Indian politics forever.

The hunger goes on

Cholera, malaria, famine and drought. These are things which could easily shake the foundations of any nation.  However, the people of Somalia have been fighting hard to live on.  But the sheer resilience of these people is once again being put to the test with the mindless theft of food supplies.

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Preying on the weak is a natural law. But the theft of the food supplies of the World Food program by the corrupt officials and middlemen in Somalia takes this to a whole different level. Even more ghastly are the justifications that the UN and the officials have come up with.

In a press conference, Mark Bowden, the head of United Nations humanitarian operations in Somalia said that the theft was ‘marginal’ compared to the amount of food being supplied. But according to the Somali government more than 50% of the total supplies are being stolen and then resold in the market.

This is certainly not something new. This sort of exploitation of a situation of crisis has been happening for a long time and is a deep rooted problem in societies with a deficit. Somalia, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia and Cuba are classic examples where such pilfering has been prominent.

According to one ‘business man’ in Somalia, this thieving is for the good of the people. This way, even though the food was being looted, it still ended up in local markets, having the ancillary effect of reducing overall food prices and making food more affordable for the poor.

However the people here are not happy having to pay for something that is completely free. A report on Al-Jazeera showed the people describing how the food packets were taken from them as soon as journalists had finished filming them being delivered.

The picture this paints for the Somali’s is certainly not pretty. UN officials predict that the famine could be the worst in 60 years and coupled with the relentless conflict, the situation is dire. Thousands of Somali’s have fled to nearby African and Asian countries such as Kenya, Saudi Arabia and so on.

And when they move into these places, they being with them the cholera, malaria and malnutrition that has become symbolic of Somalia. After 20 years of strife and hunger, it is time these people get a break. But that seems to be an impossible dream.

As BR Amdekar said: “Victory is always in economics.”

When anarchy prevailed…

Wanton theft, mindless destruction and pointless strife. These are the foundations of the riots that have been rocking the very foundation of English society.

In an unprecedented show of remorseless anarchy, youngsters from across the country alerted the country of the deep levels of disease in the pristine English society. Prime Minister, David Cameron did not mince his words when he called some parts of the society ‘sick’ and refused to condone this alarming act of rebellion.

Police forces from across the country and the extra services from the Scottish police have not helped to control the fires of hatred burning through England.


The worst part of the riot is the fact that the rebellion is without any palpable reason. These angsty youngsters seem to have gotten together with a misbegotten plan for revolution, without realising the chaos that would ensue. They also seem to be propelled by a sense of being victimised, without really stopping to think if they actually are.

It is indeed true that this year has seen some ups and downs in England, with the introduction of the cuts to deal with the financial crisis. But this mindless looting is certainly not the answer to deal with the impositions of the government. In an interview with a journalist on the BBC, a rioter in Manchester was quoted saying:

“I am just doing this because everyone else is.”

According to Professor John Pits, this is a classic example of power getting to the rioters sense of control, which results in utter dissolution of all social justice.


The results this show of dissent is going to have, is catastrophic. Not only does it evoke fear and resentment in the minds of people, this riot may set a precedence for other shows of meaningless angst. This will also cause damage to the economy of the country and it definitely sends the wrong message to the world at large.

Often terrorism finds a cosy nest in countries with such dissatisfaction brewing. So this may in fact trigger more violence creating an unsuitable environment for any social activity.

Besides these internal troubles, this will also create security concerns for the 2012, London Olympics. It will take a remarkable turnaround for countries to trust the safety of England and especially, London

Over 1000 arrests across the country, loss of lives, looting of property and the aura of fear and violence, these are the legacies of this pointless riot. The silver lining is the sheer resilience of the people here, who have got back on their feet and taken the matter of returning their beloved cities back to normal in their own hands.

Ecstacy in Murder

Image Courtesy: Simon Howden /

Edgar Jiminez or ‘THE CLOAK as he calls himself, the 14 year old boy imprisoned for allegedly beheading four people in Mexico. And his excuse- he was high on weed.

The supposed drug cartel assassin was imprisoned after photos of his unimaginable drug induced cruelty appeared on the internet. Of course he claims to have been forced into the killings. But so what?

The fact remains that this boy, who should have been in school, was busy killing fellow individuals all because of his drug addiction.

Increasing the world over

Even more frightening is the fact this is not an isolated event. According to the NY Daily News, there were 69 drug induced killings in ONE day in Mexico. And the figures are just increasing day by day.

And Mexico is not the only place where these alarming incidents are happening. Nepal too has reported an alarming increase in the number of cruel murders under the haze of marijuana.

Drug abuse the world over is increasing, with a drastic mushrooming of drug trade in developing and underdeveloped areas of the world. The Drug mafia target these poor nations where people are waiting for any chance to escape the socio-political drama.

Its a dead end situation

They target their victims young. Edgar was introduced to weed when he was just 12. This way they become addicted at a really young age. And it is almost impossible to wean them away from drugs.

When we hear about celebrity drug abuse, I think we feel disgust and repulsion for the said celebs. But in cases like these, I am scared. You could never know, who is going to target you in drug induced hate.

Even your little boy or girl could come into contact with these drugs. That is what makes the situation uncontrollable. The networks of drug trade are far flung and too wide for us to effectively stop it forever.

These young people cannot afford to go to fancy rehab facilities and try to get their lives back. There is a forever to their torture at most times…