Berlusconi bids adieu

After more than twenty years of near totalitarian control of the Italian economy, the country’s famous leader Silvio Berlusconi called it quits. ¬†Leaving the European country on a precipice of doom, the 75 year old business tycoon and political heavyweight has for the first time since his tenure began, left the country’s fate in the hands of the new government.

Will this move spell happy consequences for the debt ridden society or is it going to attract further chaos for the latest European coutry to face the debt crisis.

Tatanya Riconcci, an Italian student at the University of Durham comments that what was happening in Italy was sheer anarchy.

“Berlusconi’s antics have made the country’s situation very bad. Nothing in Italy exists without him. He either directly or indirectly owns everything. And he has resigned when it was impossible for him to stay, which is selfish.”