Sigh…. Food porn

Tangoes of the tongue and tempting treats, saccharine sinuousness on the palette and delicious decadent delicacies; these are what life is worth living for, me thinks. So I decided to compile my own list of four food fantasies that I could easily give up any relationship for 🙂

The Premier Palette Pleaser

Sticky Toffee Pudding:

Nothing will satiate my senses more than the feeling of digging into that first bite of the sweet, sticky, caramelised dream, that is sticky toffee pudding, with the accompaniment of rich sweet cream, the kind that is just perfect. The soft, spongy cake, with the syrupy stickiness of hot toffee combined with the soothing subtlety of fresh cream. Sigh. I could eat it forever and then some more!

Image Courtesy: BBC Good Food

Image Courtesy: BBC Good Food

Click here for the recipe

The Second Sizzler

Sizzling Brownie

The hiss of the ice cream melting as the brownie sizzles creates an image of such beauteous harmony. The very first time I saw this masterpiece, I was blown away by the stark simplicity of the dish. Its as simple as you can get, good old brownie, with a generous helping of chocolate sauce sizzling away, with a scoop of ice cream melting on top! Cannot get better!!


Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

For my friends in Bangalore: check this out and go get some!

The Third Temptation


The tangy, spicy, scrunchy delight that is the golgappa is definitely the gastronomical delight of the century. Through all my travels I have yet to meet any street food that can rival the almost orgasmic delight of India’s great invention. That amalgamation of spiced potatoes and chick peas, perfectly fried mini puries, with the dressings of the spicy jaljeera and tangy tamarind sauce is a treat not to be missed. Way better than sobbing over some sap who couldn’t hold your heart!

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

The Final Fantasy


The neatly folded, steamed little dumplings are deceptively simple. The moment you bite into one of these with the spicy sauce as the sidekick, the flavours explode in your mouth. The bland exterior and the flavourful filling duel in your mouth, creating the most amazing conflict of taste buds, The flavours win this war and the mouth is one happy customer. Thank you Tibet Plaza, for starting my addiction to momos.

So like weed, alcohol and nicotine, food is an addiction to me, feeding my desires, enveloping my senses and making me oblivious to the world. So any boys who may come into my life, know this, you will be fighting a losing battle if you think I’m gonna cheat on food for you ;)!