So here, yet again the world is celebrating the arrival of the new year, the warnings of the Mayan’s notwithstanding. This year has to be big, what with the global economic crisis looming larger than ever, and the threat of total annihilation becoming very real with the salad of global warming, pollution and corruption. There lies the reason to celebrate.

Every year we make a big hoo ha about the new year. Thousands of people decide to quit smoking, hundreds alcohol and a few others decide to stay away from the weed, pot and coke. But at the end of every year we are confronted with larger numbers dying in their own pools of vomit and choking on the polluted air. So has 2012 been any different.

So far, as far as I can see, there has definitely been nothing promising or close to positive. The Middle East has been boiling in the turmoil of violence. While Gaddafi and his goons have bid adieu, there are still demons to be tackled there. Violent protests continue in the EU over debt and austerity cuts.

While the political sagas are similar, the socio-cultural scenario too seems not very exciting. Whitney Huston’s untimely death, Gary Speeds’s supposed suicide and the endless and mindless partying of celebs dominate  the entertainment sector.

I do not like the first month of 2012.Having said all this , I also am not the party pooper, pouring forth grim predictions of the gory end of the human race. Its too soon to tell whether things will stay an uninspiring or whether things will pick up in time. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a better end to 2012 than our Mayan friends suggested.