Romancing the rain

I watched as the rain drops fell, one after the other, their pitter patter creating an uncanny melody that soothed me, made me sigh and lean against the red walls of my ancestral home. I slowly reached out, to feel the tingling pleasure of the cold rain whispering against my skin and held the droplet in my palm, watching it dance against the curve of my hand. Needing more, I left the sanctuary of the inner walls and stepped out into the scintillating embrace of the showers from above, feeling almost like two lovers languidly lazing.  I felt the droplets run down my body a soft caress, sinuously sliding down my body, giving me the shivers and making me tremble. And then the heavens opened up, n the pitter patter boomed into a crescendo. The water poured heavy, drenching me, enveloping my body and I gave up to its majestic mastery and let myself go. I held myself in my own arms feeling the thundering rain all around me and I laughed into the roaring raindrops, reveling in our love affair. Me and the rain.