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“We are never so vulnerable than when we trust someone, but paradoxically, if you cannot trust, neither can you find love.” (Walter Anderson)

I do not bestow my trust easily, but when I do its like a complete and unabridged version of a long gone classic. So when I do let my guard down, I do not expect to be confronted with a breach of trust.

But what if it does happen? Are we to give up years of happiness and memories on the basis of that one act of betrayal?

We constantly hear of celebrity couples and their spats. Cheryl Cole has been accused of still harboring feelings of amore for her philandering ex-husband Ashley Cole.

While we may ridicule their devotion to these guys, is it really that easy to let go of love or friendship or any other relationship based on trust.

And the even bigger problem, once betrayed what chance does the relationship have.

“Trust is like a vase, once its broken, you can fix it but it will never be the same again.”

So what is the solution really? Do you simply let go and live like nothing has happened. That is definitely not going to help, because of the tremendous build up of unsaid emotions.

How long can you live on and pretend nothing has happened? At some point, it is bound to bubble up and spill over. And then the situation becomes catastrophic.

I am scared. Scared to trust anyone. I don’t want to make myself that vulnerable anymore.

I am sure there are millions of people out there, who feel the exact same thing. Is there ever going to be redemption for us?

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if we don’t trust enough.” (Frank  Crane)

Is a lifetime of torture awaiting me?


3 thoughts on “Trust

  1. While none of us can live a life without having our trust broken/breaking some one else’ trust, it need not be a lifetime of torture. What makes mortals happy are those little moments of life. Feeling the wind against you, hot breakfast served on a Sunday morning, your favorite song on the radio when you least expect it, that hot guy/girl in the corner of the bar who smiles at you. While the broken trust/guilt/pain tends to linger there, in the back of your mind, life must move on. We must really look at those small moments that make our routine, rather than trying to find immortal happiness. Because, that’s what makes us, humans!

  2. on a pessimistic note, you can trust that your trust will be betrayed. that way you will be pleasantly surprised if it isnt; or wont be monumentally hurt when it is. In other words, expect nothing.
    One does not need to leave emotions unsaid – on the contrary, a calm discussion would clear the air and promote understanding. One could regain love and not lose it.

  3. You can trust yourself; never expect any receprocation if you trust in others.

    In this democratic world we keep voting trusting for a change for the better; we trust our partners; we trust our coworkers, we trust our friends, parents, our teachers; we trust so many . . .

    If you expect them to return it 100% you are mistaken. But make the best of it knowing how limiting trust is.

    all you have to remember is don’t deceive yourself. You will be able to face everyday life, that way better with your trust in you.

    trust this is as confusing as i had intended it to be.

    trust u’ll trust no matter this comment says.

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